I've been looking for a
program that could assist
with opening tables and
came across your software.
This is exactly what I was
looking for. Thank you.
I spent alot of time writing
various scripts using AutoIT
but your software goes way
beyond what I was able to
do. I really like the fact that
everything is contained in
one software program
instead of having to run
multiple scripts.
Great Product!
Very Impressive

Lobby Scanner
- Finds and opens SNG or MTT poker tables
- Specify the tables you want to play with 1 click
- Set the minimun # of players required to join

Registration Handler
- Automatically registers into selected games
- Automatically handles buyin
- Closes registration success/failure windows

Table Handler
- Positions tables based on your exact layout - uses drag and drop
- Ability to resizes tables

- 24 x 7 scheduler that defines when SNG or MTT will be opened
- Ability to open and close lobbies if preferred

Advanced Features
- Email Notification System - Send Alerts of Tables Opening on your mobile device
- Define table joining criteria such as # of Fish required, # of sharks to avoid
- Reads tournament player data from PokerTracker and HoldemManager Databases

- Closes annoying popups such as 'Jackpot just won'
- Fully functioning unrestricted trial available