Automate your Cash Tabling by automatically selecting and opening tables.
The SNG/MTT Table Opener is an automated tool that allows you to choose the types of games you want to play. The table opener will
automatically search and find the tables you want to play including automating the entire buyin process.

What's New
2015/08/23 - Cash Hopper in Beta Testing
Open up to 24 tables at a time
Table Resizer and Table Positioner
Poker Database Integration for filtering tables

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I've been looking for a
program that could assist
with opening tables and
came across your software.
This is exactly what I was
looking for. Thank you.
I spent alot of time writing
various scripts using AutoIT
but your software goes way
beyond what I was able to
do. I really like the fact that
everything is contained in
one software program
instead of having to run
multiple scripts.
Great Product!
Very Impressive